Facilitator Course South Africa

We are passionate about bringing out the very best in your people so that they can deliver long lasting improvements in your business.

Effective Facilitator Course skills are a highly desirable attribute for individuals who wish to manage meetings and planning sessions for more timely and productive outcomes. Facilitator Course is more than just setting a meeting time. It requires skills in presentation, negotiation, elaboration and communicating with stake holders.

This Facilitator Course teaches you practical techniques like choosing a facilitated approach, encouraging participation and gathering information, addressing disruptions, using reframing techniques, using intervention when required and much more. You’ll learn key skills that can be used right away.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

Define Facilitator Course & identify its purpose
Understand the benefits of good facilitation
Master the role & focus of a facilitator
Differentiate between process & content of a group discussion
Learn effective tools for preparing for an effective facilitation session
Master techniques for effective facilitation from Tuckman & Jensen’s stages of group development (forming, storming, norming & performing)
Learn how to help a group reach a consensus and a final solution by encouraging participation
Practice techniques for dealing with disruptions, dysfunctions & difficult people in a group setting
Define what interventions are, when they are appropriate and learn how to implement them

TrainYouCan Facilitator Course

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