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Facilitator Trainer Course Accredited

Facilitator Trainer Course Accredited

Follow these two steps for Accreditation
  1. Complete ETDP assessor and moderator training.
  2. Submit your CV and certificates to the SETA that is the custodian of the qualifications you wish to assess and moderate on (For example business administration is with SSETA, IT with MICTSETA etc.)
How do I become a facilitator workshop?
How to facilitate a successful workshop in 18 simple steps
  1. Get to know the participants.
  2. Define the purpose.
  3. Set a clear goal.
  4. Plan for more than just a day.
  5. Prepare for the unexpected.
  6. Set the scene.
  7. Complete a check-in.
  8. Go over the ground rules

Meet the Masters experience requirement by documenting the facilitation of a minimum of 30 “distinct” facilitated sessions with a minimum of 5 different “project sponsors” and 5 different organizations or departments.

A facilitator of learning, therefore, is a teacher who does not operate under the traditional concept of teaching, but rather is meant to guide and assist students in learning for themselves – picking apart ideas, forming their own thoughts about them, and owning material through self-exploration and dialogue.

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